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Book Haul: July 2017

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Another late haul post.

Actually, I only receive one book on the month of July but I still wan’t to share the book that I got to you guys.

The author, Brindi Quinn, was so nice to give me the opportunity to read her work entitled Heart of Farellah the first book in the Series of the same name.

You can read the synopsis below:


This is the tragic, beautiful tale of a girl without a soul.
I am that girl and this is my story.
Let’s start at the beginning . . .

I took a deep breath.
“Light of virtue . . .”
When I started the song again, I felt something spark between our hands. Energy? Then the spark grew into a surge that traveled into my body, fueling me with power. I could feel him; his warmth. That same warmth that had touched me those other times now pulsed through my veins. It was . . . incredible; like everything I’d ever craved, but intensified.
I wanted more.

. . . . . . . .

Aura Rosh is able to command magic through song.
But that isn’t what makes her special.

Cursed with silver hair that shines like moonlight, plagued with the disappearance of her twin sister, Aura just wants to make it through her coming of age ceremony without being noticed. But fate has other plans.

When kidnapped by an enigmatic, mossy-haired elf, Aura finds herself at the center of a war between two secret societies – where one believes her to be an evil destructress from legend, the other, a prophesied savior.

Before Aura can discover which she is, she’ll need to master her power . . . as well as gain control of the intoxicating sensation she feels whenever touching her elvish captor.

On a grand quest of self-discovery, epic magic, and captivating love, will Aura learn the purpose behind her moon-kissed hair?

I hope you enjoyed my latest post and don’t forget to grab this title! That is all for now. ‘Till next time.

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